Guitarist, Composer/Arranger and teacher born in Australia on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Walter was fascinated by music since a young age, listening to his parents music collection with artists like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, Crowded House and many more. Walter took an interest into learning an instrument. First starting on the piano, then bass guitar and finally settling on the guitar.

As Walter’s skills developed so did his musical interests broadening his horizons to new genres such as funk, blues, jazz and fusion. Some of the artists he discovered in this period have become artist that have helped Walter define his sound. To name a few: Robben Ford, Wes Montgomery, Derek Trucks, Jeff Beck, Jon Cleary and James Muller. 

Walter completed his bachelor degree in 2010 at Southern Cross University, Lismore with a performance major on the guitar. He studied under the guidance of legendary Australian Guitarist Jim Kelly.

2012, Walter moved to Melbourne and completed an honours degree in performance on the guitar, focusing heavily on jazz with a thesis on the topic of Wes Montgomery.

The move to Canada (Montreal, Quebec) in 2013 opened up a whole new world of diversity with an untold amount of opportunities. As his network continues to grow, Walter cherishes the chance to play with many other great musicians and singers. Walter is currently playing with serval artists on a regular basis, playing a wide variety of styles from funk/blues to African pop to Jazz and to folk/country.

Walter is available for live shows, studio recordings, private lessons and composition/arranging.  




2006 Deluxe Fender Stratocaster –  Walt switched out the pick gaurd for the one it has now. All wear and tear is just from the amount of use it has had.

2015 Custom shop fender telecaster – All stock pieces

Godin Nylon string with cut-away

Gibson Acoustic J-45 – Given to Walt by Clare Bowditch on her Winter Secrets Tour in 2009.

Pedal Board

Boss DD7, Exotic RC booster, Zen Drive, Dunlope jimi hendrix Wah, Fulltone Octofuzz 2, Boss T2 tremelo, Line 6 M9, Polytune 2, RotoSim – All powered by the Voodoo power plus 2


Walt’s main amp is a Fender Deluxe Reverb (reissue)


D’Addario 10 – 46 on his electrics

Elixar 12-52 on his Gibson Acoustic

Dunlop glass slides (218)


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